January 20, 2018

Best Places to Catch Some Rays and Check Out the Student Bodies

If you’ll be attending college at Florida State University in Tallahassee, just remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Jill a potential wallflower. Yeah, we know how it is, Mom and Dad are footing the bill and you have to make good grades or risk pissing off the money. That’s […]

FSU Flying High Circus – This Show is a Must-See

As an FSU student, you’ve heard of the FSU Flying High Circus.  After all, they’re one of the reasons why we can be proud of FSU.  It’s just one of two college-based circuses, with the other one being the Gamma Phi Circus of the Illinois State University.  This gives students the unique opportunity to see […]

Lake Bradford: Best Place to Get Away From FSU School Stress

Hollywood movies will tell you that partying and hanging out at lakes is a part of university life.  But unlike in movies wherein something bad always happen to university students in lakes, that’s not the case in real life.  This is especially true for FSU students thanks to Lake Bradford. Location and Fee Lake Bradford […]

Florida Caverns State Park – A New Cave Experience for FSU Students

As an FSU student, you do a lot of things for fun.  This is so easy considering the fact that there are a lot of great things that you can check out and do all around the university (for example, have you seen the pool at University Green Tallahassee?).  However, there comes a point in […]

Check Out Wakulla Springs State Park| FSU Student Rest, Recreation, and Fun Spot

All Work and No Play?  Check Out Wakulla Springs As an FSU student, it’s understandable if you want to focus on your studies.  However, you have to know that “all work and no play” makes one “a dull boy”.  If you really want to have a productive time and if you really want to survive […]

The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab Can Be Fun For FSU Students

For a lot of university students, the words specimen, marine and lab in the same sentence are more than enough to send them towards the opposite direction.  It’s hard to blame them, really.  This is because most of these labs are boring.  This is the reason why the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab decided to package […]

Best Student Bars and Nightlife in Tallahassee FL

As a student at any college, you’re left asking yourself where the most ideal bar to be is at? Then you have to add in the fact that you’re going to Florida State University. With that being said, you’re limited to the bars around FSU both on and off campus in Tallahassee FL. So where […]

Best Student-Rated Tallahassee Cheap Restaurants With Good Food

When it comes to rating cheap restaurants with good food, no group does it better than students living on a budget.  Being students, it’s understandable that we’re looking for something cheap.  Of course, we also need our share of good food because everybody enjoys good food. If you’re an FSU student, it’s always a good […]

FSU Student Favorite| Seminole Golf Course and Club Review

A favorite for FSU students, Seminole Golf Course is located in Tallahassee, Florida and is operated by Florida State University itself.  It is an 18 hole, par 72 course that measures out to over 7,100 yards from the furthest tees.  The golf course also features a large short game practice area, a lighted driving range, […]

The Best Student-Friendly Coffee Shops Near FSU Student Apartments

When you’re on the lookout for FSU student apartments, it goes without saying that you take a lot of things into consideration.  Of course, location plays a huge part in your decision.  In addition, convenience is also an important consideration. But here’s something else Florida State University students take into account – how close is […]