January 20, 2018

Finding Off-Campus Parties at FSU

If you’ve even been to a frat or university party, the chant, Toga, Toga, Toga will probably sound like music to your ears. Either that, or it conjures up images of ancient Greek men standing around plotting to knock off Socrates. Florida State University, although known for their high academics, also has some pretty swinging […]

Student Tip: Use the Great FSU On Campus Computer Labs

In this modern time and age, it goes without saying that computers are among the best tools that students can use for productivity.  A student can do just about anything school-related on a computer.  You can do research, type reports, send emails, even have a little bit of fun while you take a break from […]

How To Turn On Your Utilities in Your Tallahassee, Florida Student Apartment

         No matter how or what the type of utilities you seek to turn on in your Florida student apartment whether it be electricity, water, sewer, waste disposal or other utilities of this kind of type, the City of Tallahassee Utilities has got you covered. They will help you on exactly how to turn on […]

Seeking Tallahassee Student Roommate| Tips to Finding the Best People to Live With

So, you’re moving to Tallahassee to attend college and you plan on living off-campus. Unless your father is Daddy Warbucks with more in his deep pockets than a lent ball and a lead slug, chances are you will have one or more roommates to help you share the expenses. That being the case, it is […]

Are FSU On Campus Dorms and Apartments Really Haunted?

Are you thinking of living on Florida State University campus? Great! It’s a wonderful school with a fantastic campus. Everything that you’re looking for to start your future or continue your education is here, be it Business, Engineering, Criminal Degree, Law, Medicine, and all the sciences. The faculty members are some of the finest in […]