February 23, 2018

Finding Off-Campus Parties at FSU

finding and crashing fsu frat partyIf you’ve even been to a frat or university party, the chant, Toga, Toga, Toga will probably sound like music to your ears. Either that, or it conjures up images of ancient Greek men standing around plotting to knock off Socrates.

Florida State University, although known for their high academics, also has some pretty swinging parties. And if you’re a guy wearing a toga, you’ll know what I mean.

So how do you find these wild and crazy parties? Well, it depends on the crowd you run with. If you’re an athlete, or you hang around some of the FSU Seminole football players, trust me, after a game, these guys are looking to score big on the party scale, especially after a win. And let’s face it, after a hard day of wrestling big hairy jocks on the field, and grabbing balls from the heinie of the guy in front of them (yes, I’m talking about the snap off from the center to the quarterback…jeez, get your mind out of the gutter!), a rip roaring party with a chores line of females is just what the doctor ordered. WARNING: Crashing jock parties can be dangerous to your health. See crashing tips below.

But let’s assume you’re reading this because you’re a freshman, and it’s your first year of college, and you’re as green as they come. This is where you need to seek the counsel of an upper class-man, say a sophomore, or even a senior! See, these people have been around the block a few times and know the rounds. They can guide you on your merry way to finding the best parties around. They will also expect you to cough up some bucks to contribute to the festivities.

Frat parties are as commonplace as sand on a beach. Really there’s not much to this strategy. You ask around “hey man, where’s the party?” and you will probably fall over a few getting to the one you want. Some people post their party on Facebook. Which brings me to the next great stratagem.

Before you head off to college, in fact, many months before you do, use the Internet to find new friends that have been at the school a while. Friend them and be cool, and the next thing you know, you’re running with the “in” crowd. In fact, using this tactic can hold a cornucopia of possibilities that you never even dreamed of.

Hanging out at the right places is another way. Again, using the Internet to research the best places to be in Tallahassee. This is where you meet the right people to find out where the par-tay is happening.

Now, let’s turn our attention to crashing a party. Typically, unless you have big brass balls, you’re going to get spotted as a crasher and gently tossed out a window. Just pray it be open. But if you insist, here are some great tips. If you’re a guy show up with some chicks, preferably as many as you can. This is usually a shoe in to any frat party. If you’re a chick, just walk in. You’re most welcomed. If you’re not and you don’t have any chicks to bring, you best be bearing gifts. You can try the direct approach. Stride in like you own the place, find the first unassuming person you see, thrust out your hand and say, “I’m Bob, what’s your name?” Now if you get stopped you just say you came with that unassuming person you just met. Heck, even wave at him from across the room. Chances are, he’ll wave back.

Lastly, try crashing the party about two hours after it’s in full swing. At that point, no one will even care who you are, nor will they even remember the next day. Be sure to collect names and phone numbers, this will make you’re next party foraging a lot easier.


Finding Off-Campus Parties at FSU

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