February 23, 2018

Franklin Pointe

Franklin Pointe Student Apartments in Tallahassee FL Near FSUFranklin Pointe

Franklin Pointe apartment in Tallahassee, Florida is one of the many apartments in the place where Florida State University students can stay for a cheaper price.  Because of the location, most apartments in this place charge higher lease rates aside from Franklin Pointe.  But even with the lower price, the apartment building also offers lots of amenities to its tenants so occupants won’t feel left out from the more expensive apartments.  Here are some of the advantages, facilities and amenities of the apartment:

Walking distance from Downtown – The apartment is just a few minutes away from Florida State University so student occupants can get to their school by walking just a few blocks. The apartment building is also close to:

  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Schools

Ample parking – The apartment also has ample parking so FSU students can park their car without worrying about getting towed or ticketed by the traffic officers. Visitors can also take advantage of the ample parking space whenever they visit their family or friends who are tenants of the public housing.

Swimming pools – There are two swimming pools at the apartment premise so students can definitely relax whenever they have free time from school or part-time work.

BBQ grills and picnic tables – Aside from the pools, the apartment also has barbeque grills and picnic tables for tenants who want to enjoy their weekend by having an outdoor party with their friends.

Pets are also welcome to the apartment so occupants can bring their dogs and cats with them upon their stay at the apartment.  Any breed of dog is also accepted to stay at the tenant’s apartment so pet owners who had their large dogs rejected by other apartments can be assured that they can keep their pet.

However, a lot of tenants are disappointed with the slowness of the maintenance crew at fixing problems like water leakage, air leaks and broken windows.  You have to be persistent if you want to have your room fixed within the day.  The building is also kind of old so there are spots in the apartment rooms that need renovation.  However, the apartment is still quite habitable and comfortable.

There had also been problems in lease payment processing so better keep an eye on any eviction notices that might accidentally come your way even if you have already settled your rent payment. Nonetheless, the apartment is a good place especially for students who want to stay at a more affordable place.

Franklin Pointe Student Apartments in Tallahassee FL Near FSU Address:

631 East Call Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301


  1. First off: Don’t listen to the sales people in the office, they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign the lease. I inquired about my fiancé visiting with his dogs every other weekend or so, and I was told that it would not be a problem, and there would be no additional cost for the dogs visiting. A couple of weeks after I moved in, I was told that I would have to pay a NON REFUNDABLE pet deposit, and additional money to my monthly rent for the dogs to visit with my fiancé.

    There was no screen on the window when I moved in and I put in a request to get a screen, which by the way took well over 1 month. I still have yet to have someone come in and tack the carpeting back down which has lifted anywhere the carpet meets tile.

    Second: They paintied counter tops in the bathroom and kitchen. Yet they have you sign a “lead paint” disclosure asking that you do not eat lead based paint. WHY ON EARTH would you PAINT KITCHEN COUNTERS??? I had to buy contact paper and line the kitchen counters with contact paper, just so they would be cleanable without peeling all the paint off of them.
    The kitchen cabinets were disgusting and tacky; they felt as though they were never cleaned.

    Third: The door frame to the front door looks as though it had been kicked in or pried open with a crowbar at one point, but the door barely closes completely. I pointed this out to the office along with the screen, and to date no one has come to fix the issue.
    Be careful when someone from maintenance does come to your apartment, they don’t knock before entering the apartment, and if you just got out of the shower, they are in for a nice treat!

    The walls are paper thin and I can hear the conversations between the people next to me on either side. Then there are the constant trains that go by all day/night. My unit isn’t one by the tracks but it sure sounds like it when a train runs through. When the neighbors blast music at 12:00am the police will show up an hour and a half later. The office staff told me before I rented that noise like that is “Not tolerated” but when I reported the incident, they could care less.
    The only positive thing that I can say about this place is that I am glad that I didn’t take out a long lease and can move out soon!

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