January 20, 2018

Venetian Villas

Venetian Villas Apartments in Tallahassee FL near FSUVenetian Villas Tallahassee FL Apartments

Venetian Villas Apartments is an apartment building that is quite close to Florida State University so students who want to have a place to stay while studying at FSU ought to check this apartment building out.  Here are the facilities and amenities of the apartment house so you can have a quick look on what this apartment is offering:

24 hour computer lab – This apartment has a computer lab that is open twenty-four hours a day.  It is surely a good place for students who need to do a lot of research on their projects.

Private study areas – Aside from the computer lab, tenants can also study at private study areas if ever they need total peace and quiet to be able to focus on their studies.

Fitness center – This fitness center inside the apartment premise is also open twenty-four hours a day so students who have a tight schedule can squeeze in their physical workouts anytime they want.  There are also free weights inside the gym so students don’t need to bring one when they move in.

Mini kitchens inside bedrooms – Students can do a little cooking inside their bedroom if they are on a tight schedule because some bedrooms have mini kitchens inside.

Washer/dryer in every apartment – Student tenants also don’t have to waste a lot of time waiting for a washer to be available inside a washing area because each apartment is equipped with a washer/dryer machine.

Game room – A twenty-four hour game room is also available at the apartment so every student can play games anytime they want.

Heated pool – The pool inside the apartment is heated so student tenants can take a dip whenever they want without worrying about catching a cold.

Aside from the facilities and amenities stated above, the apartment also offers the following:

  • Furniture packages
  • Cable with HBO included
  • 24-hour on-call maintenance
  • Free high speed internet

The only issues, however, that you might face in this apartment are the change of rates for the lease rent and other utilities that the management imposes.  Some students were charged more than what was written on their contract particularly if there were renovations inside the apartment even if the contract states that there will be no charge to the tenants already living at the apartment units.  Also, some tenants complain about air conditioning leakage.  Molds inside the apartment units had also been an issue for some occupants.  These are things that you definitely have to watch out for.

Venetian Villas Tallahassee FL Student Apartments near FSU  Address:

608 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee


  1. Mallory Nanny says:

    Hey there! I may be attending FSU in the fall, and am interested in finding out more information, particularly the cost of a 1 BR, 1 BA with a mini kitchen.


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